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本文摘要:Imagine walking into a room of strangers knowing your clothes could keep you calm, or wearing a jacket that could cheer you up after a breakup.想象一下,你走出一间屋子,里面都是陌生人,但你告诉你的衣服可以让你维持耐心,或在恋情后,你身上穿着的夹克能让你高兴。

Imagine walking into a room of strangers knowing your clothes could keep you calm, or wearing a jacket that could cheer you up after a breakup.想象一下,你走出一间屋子,里面都是陌生人,但你告诉你的衣服可以让你维持耐心,或在恋情后,你身上穿着的夹克能让你高兴。Thats the dream of Microsoft, which has described such a piece of futuristic clothing in a patent.这就是微软公司的梦想,它在专利申请中刻画了这种未来衣服的样子。

It shows a mood shirt that reads a wearers emotions then stimulates their nervous system in a way that can either cheer them up or calm them down.微软公司展出了一款“情绪衬衫”,它能背诵用户情绪,性刺激神经系统,让他们高兴一起或冷静下来。It explained the gadget is designed to provide a user with a cost effective, reliable and easy to use way to enhance their physical health and mental well-being and enhance their success in communicating and/or negotiating with other people.微软公司说明称之为,设计这一可穿着设备是为了“给用户获取一个节约成本的、非常简单可信的方式来促进身心健康,促成与他人顺利交流或协商。”It is also suggested it could be especially useful for elderly people as well as those with disabilities and autism.微软公司也回应,这款衣服有可能对残疾人、自闭症患者和老人尤其简单。In essence, a system of sensors inside the garment read the wearers heart rate, skin temperature and measure the movements they make.只不过,衣服里装有了传感器系统,可加载用户的心率、皮肤的温度,监测其不道德动作。

In the patent, published by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, it says these sensors are connected to a system of actuators sitting close to the skin so they are able to create a feeling of pressure – like a hug – heat and coolness or generate vibrations or music.美国专利商标局公布了这项专利。专利中说道,这些传感器和切合皮肤的一个致动器系统相连接,因而能生产出有压力的感觉,比如亲吻的感觉,还能调节冷、产生震动或播出音乐。

Actuators could be chosen to suit a persons needs.可以根据个人必须自由选择致动器。For example, an autistic user could benefit from a micro pump to apply pressure on their wrist, for example, which is a technique used by some to relieve the stress of sensory overload.比如,自闭症用户可以通过一个微型泵给手腕施加压力,从而减低情感负荷。有些人就靠松开手腕来加压,这么做到对自闭症患者有益处。Equally, the item of clothing could switch on cooling actuators if it thought a wearer was getting hot and flustered on a date, for example, or play a happy song from a minute speaker, if it sensed they were sad.某种程度,荐个例子,如果用户在约会的时候,衣服感应器到他燥热难安,就不会打开加热致动器,如果用户伤心,它就用一个微型音箱放首幸福的歌。

It goes on to say the system could be used to convey the state of people nearby – but it doesnt explain how a piece of clothing could obtain data about a stranger.微软公司还说道,这一系统可用作捕猎附近的人的情绪状态——但没说明这款衣服如何取得陌生人数据。This alternate implementation …allows the user to reflect on and react to the current affective state of these other people, and informs the user when and how the affective state of these other people changes.“通过这个额外功能,用户可以对其他人当下的情感状态作出反省和对此,并获知这些人的情感状态是何时发生变化、如何变化的。

”Like every patent, there is no guarantee the technology described will ever become a reality.像每个专利一样,这项专利并没确保上述这项技术不会沦为现实。