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本文摘要:Its a parents worst nightmare. Their child doesnt come home one evening and is missing for several days.如果有一天晚上,自己的孩子没回家,然后年中几天都踪迹仅有无。

Its a parents worst nightmare. Their child doesnt come home one evening and is missing for several days.如果有一天晚上,自己的孩子没回家,然后年中几天都踪迹仅有无。这对父母来说,是最可怕的噩梦。

When a 14-year-old boy from Atlanta, Georgia disappeared earlier this year, his mother turned to her smartphone for clues using an app called Family Tracker that helped track his location.一个来自美国佐治亚州亚特兰大市的14岁男孩今年早些时候下落不明了,他的母亲用自己智能手机上的一款取名为“家庭跟踪系统”的程序来协助找到他所在的方位。It is one of several apps that allow parents to track the whereabouts of their children.这是让父母能跟踪孩子所在地的几款应用程序之一。You can see where your loved ones are without having to call or bother them, said Roberto Franceschetti of LogSat, the creators of the Family Tracker, which has more than 100,000 users and is available worldwide.这种“家庭跟踪系统”是由LogSat公司创立的。该公司的罗伯托弗郎西舍提说:“你需要打电话或睡觉孩子就能告诉你心爱的宝贝在哪里。

”这一系统有多达10万用户,可在全球范围内用于。Parents can track the location of their child on a map, send messages, and even activate an alarm on the phone remotely.父母们可以跟踪到孩子在地图上的方位,可以放信息,甚至能远程转录电话上的警报器。

We have an option for the sender to make a very nasty, noisy sound. Its a loud siren and we repeat that sound every two minutes until the person picks up, he said.他说道:“我们获取让发送者启动十分刺耳、吵杂的声音的选项。这是一种很悦耳的警报声,我们每两分钟就不会反复一次这种响声,直到接收者接电话为止。”Parents dont need to own a smartphone to track their children. The service is also accessible via the web, as long as the phone that is being tracked is running the app, which runs on an iPhone or Android devices.父母们没智能手机也能跟踪自己的小孩。


Family Tracker has an additional service that keeps a log of all data generated by the app for a two-week period, which the company calls GPS breadcrumbs.“家庭跟踪系统”还有一项服务,能留存该应用程序在两周内产生的所有数据记录,公司将其称作“GPS面包屑”功能。The service was used to find the missing boy in Atlanta.该服务被用作找寻亚特兰大的下落不明男孩。

With a subscription, we keep all the locations where people have been on our servers. You can see where your kid has been for the past two weeks. You can find out where someone was at a certain time, or when that person was at a specific place, Franceschetti explained.弗郎西舍托说明说道:“只要您预约这一服务,我们就能为您留存服务器上所有的下落数据。您可以看见过去两周内您的孩子曾去过的地方。您可以查明某人在特定时间所在的地方,或者某人经常出现在特定地方的时间。”When somebody gets abducted, usually whoever does this throws the phone away or takes the battery out. We were hoping that our app would at least provide information on where the person was abducted or where they had been in the past, that way the police would have a history or some clues as to who they may have been seeing.“如果某人被劫持了,一般来说劫持者不会把手机拿走,或将电池放入。

我们期望我们的应用程序最少能获取挟持发生地,或被劫持者曾到过哪些地方等信息,这样警员对于被劫持者有可能见过的人会有些线索,或能从档案得知。”But are these types of apps an invasion of privacy?但是这种类型的应用程序否侵害了隐私权呢?The advantages are huge compared to the disadvantages. Lets not forget that the person always has to give initial permission — no one can be tracked unless they allow someone to do it, said Franceschetti.弗郎西舍提说:“比起坏处而言,益处要非常少。不要忘了首先都得取得被追踪者的许可才讫——除非自己容许他人这么做到,否则谁也无法被跟踪。